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관리자 │ 2024-01-22


▶ 세미나 제목 : Microdisplay : the next generation display

Fluidic self-assembly for MicroLED displays by controlled viscosity


Displays in which arrays of microscopic ‘particles’, or chiplets, of inorganic light-emitting diodes (LEDs) constitute the pixels, termed MicroLED displays, have received considerable attention because they can potentially outperform commercially available displays based on organic LEDs in terms of power consumption, colour saturation, brightness and stability and without image burn-in issues. To manufacture these displays, LED chiplets must be epitaxially grown on separate wafers for maximum device performance and then transferred onto the display substrate. Given that the number of LEDs needed for transfer is tremendous—for example, more than 24 million chiplets smaller than 100 μm are required for a 50-inch, ultra-high-definition display—a technique capable of assembling tens of millions of individual LEDs at low cost and high throughput is needed to commercialize MicroLED displays. Here we demonstrate a MicroLED lighting panel consisting of more than 19,000 disk-shaped GaN chiplets, 45 μm in diameter and 5 μm in thickness, assembled in 60 s by a simple agitation-based, surface-tension-driven fluidic self-assembly (FSA) technique with a yield of 99.88%. The creation of this level of large-scale, high-yield FSA of sub-100-μm chiplets was considered a significant challenge because of the low inertia of the chiplets. Our key finding in overcoming this difficulty is that the addition of a small amount of poloxamer to the assembly solution increases its viscosity which, in turn, increases liquid-to-chiplet momentum transfer. Our results represent significant progress towards the ultimate goal of low-cost, high-throughput manufacture of full-colour MicroLED displays by FSA

*일시 : 2023.09.21.(목) 오전 09:00

*장소 : 현대식강의실(전자정보대학 2층 211-2호)

초청연사: Ryo Maezono 박사(일본 과학 기술 종합 연구소 JAIST)

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