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▶ 세미나 제목 Safe and advanced electrode materials for next generation Zinc-Ion


Abstract: Lithium ion batteries (LIBs) are promising energy sources for portable electronics, electric

vehicles (EVs) and hybrid electric vehicle (HEVs) etc. However, limited lithium resources
and the safety issue with the organic electrolyte impede its application in large-scale energy
storage. Sodium batteries (SIBs) are possible alternative for LIBs concerning its cost and
highly abundant. However, arising with safety issue with sodium metal and organic
electrolyte, which are may not be suitable for constructing advanced next generation batteries
for EVs and HEVs Recently, multivalent aqueous batteries including calcium (Ca)-ion,
magnesium (Mg)-ion, (Al)-ion, and zinc (Zn)-ion batteries showing better electrochemical
properties, lower cost and safer than LIBs and SIBs. Among those, aqueous Zn-ion batteries
(AZIBs) exhibit the excellent electrochemical characteristics including, high theoretical
capacity (820 mA h g -1 and 5854 mA h cm -3 ), and low standard electrode potential (vs. SHE ~
0.76 V). In addition, metallic zinc exhibit excellent stability in aqueous electrolytes (alkaline,
neutral, and weakly acidic). Therefore, AZIBs considered as the advanced batteries for the
future generation energy storage. However, finding the suitable cathode materials for AZIBs
is major obstacle. So far, manganese oxides based cathodes, vanadium (V) based cathodes,
organic compounds and Prussian blue analogues (PBAs) were utilised as popular cathode
materials of AZIBs. The PBAs cathodes support for high voltages but delivered very low
specific capacity. The Mn-based cathodes support for high specific capacity and with stand
for high voltages. But the dissolution Mn in electrolyte is the major issue result in capacity
fading upon the cycling process. Recently, V-based cathodes have attracted much attention a
cathode for AZIBs owing to their unique advantages, such as their layered structure with rich
mixed oxidation states and low cos. The layered vanadium oxide (V 2 O 5 ) acts as an excellent
cathode among the V-based cathodes owing to its multiple oxidation states and low
cost.  However, poor electrical conductivity and unstable crystal structure during the cycles 

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