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관리자 │ 2023-01-05


* 세미나 제목   :  Self-Powered Sensor Application of Triboelectric Nanogenerators 


With the recent rapid development of wireless sensor networks, energy harvesting devices for power supply of those networks are also in the spotlight. Among various types of the energy harvesting devices, triboelectric nanagenerator (TENG) have attracted a lot of attentions. TENG generate electrical power via contact-electrification and electrostatic induction. When two different surfaces contact by an external mechanical excitation, those surfaces are electrified in opposite polarities. Then if the surfaces move far from each other by releasing the excitation, the electrical equilibrium is broken and charges flow through the electrodes which are attached to the backside of the contact surfaces to achieve another equilibrium state. Current in the opposite direction can also be induced by applying the excitation again. Based on this operation principle, TENG converts wasted ambient mechanical energy to usable electrical energy.

 Based on the fact that TENG can convert external mechanical stimuli into electrical signals on its own, TENG can be used as a self-powered sensor that generate electrical signals without external power supply. By utilizing TENG as a self-powered sensor, power efficiency of the overall sensor system can be dramatically enhanced. In addition, high price competitiveness and easy fabrication process can also be achieved since the contact-electrification occurs in all materials, so there is no need to utilize expensive specific materials and process. In this sense, various self-powered tactile sensing system such as a fall detection system, a fabric touchpad and a mechanoreceptor for machine learning, have been developed by utilizing TENGs as self-powered sensors. In this talk, those recent sensor systems based on TENG will be introduced.

 * 일시 :  2023년 01월 13일(금) 16시 30분

 * 연사 :  전승배 교수 (한밭대학교 전자공학과)

 * 장소 :  경희대 국제캠퍼스 전자정보대학  2층  211-2호 세미나실

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